Professional Counseling & Therapy Services

Couple in Counseling - Local Therapist

Find the counseling and therapy services you need for any situation with Christine N. Andrews, LISW-S in Wadsworth, Ohio. She provides counseling for adults, children, adolescents, families, groups, and couples. She is also an Employee Assistance Program provider under several plans, so check your employee benefits to see if you qualify.

Total Therapy & Counseling Services

Along with providing counseling sessions, Christine is available to speak at groups or offices about mental health, wellness topics, and she also offers critical incidence stress debriefing. Find the counseling you need in the areas of anxiety, panic, depression, bipolar disorder, or ADHD in children and adults.

Additionally, she assists with issues involving geriatric concerns, pain management, GLBT issues, self-harm or cutting, self-esteem issues, and dealing with life stressors.

Additional Counseling Services

• Diabetic Support Counseling
• Alternative Lifestyles Counseling
• Anger Management
• Assessments 
  Incest Counseling 
• Marital Conflict Counseling
• Mid-Life Concern Counseling


• Behavioral Counseling
• Blended Family Counseling
• Budget Conflict Counseling
• Cancer Counseling
• Child Custody Counseling
• Multicultural Counseling 
• Paranoia Counseling
• Parenting Issues Counseling
• Cognitive Therapy
• Communication Skills Counseling
• Coping Strategies
• Crisis Counseling
• Disability Counseling
• Premarital Counseling
• Sexual Abuse Counseling
• Sexuality Problems Counseling
• Sleep Disorder Counseling
• Divorce Counseling
• Domestic Violence Counseling
• Eating Disorder Counseling
• Grief Counseling
• Holistic Approaches 

• Weight Management Counseling
• Women's Issues Counseling
• Relationship Counseling

Contact Christine today in Wadsworth, Ohio, and schedule an appointment for counseling and therapy services.